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CITA Foundation, providing education for under-privileged individuals, serves children between the ages of two and twenty-two (pre-school through high school), and also young adults in vocational schools, colleges and universities. 

The special schools which we work with are integrated so that children with disabilities would be educated with their non-disabled peers. Disabled children include those with learning difficulties, speech difficulties, physical, cognitive, sensory (deaf/blind), emotional, social and economic disadvantages.

In Ethiopia, Ghana and many African countries, parents who have children with disabilities tend to keep them at home. Others bring them out on the streets to beg, thus making them dependent on the family or community for physical and economic survival. These disabled individuals find themselves in a vicious cycle of poverty due to their eventual exclusion from the work force.

At CITA Foundation (EDFUP) we believe that every child has a potential, and can reach his/her potential when given proper guidance, nurturing and encouragement. We also recognize that children learn at different rates, with some children requiring a little longer time to master a particular skill. We allow each child to progress through the prescribed program at their own pace, even though we set a goal for each child. Their progress will be monitored quarterly and their goals adjusted as needed. This will enable each child to work towards his/her goal at a comfortable pace. We provide  group instruction as well as individualized instruction in order to help the children master the required skills.

There is nothing more exciting than to see children’s faces light up when they learn and understand a new concept. That makes every sacrifice and effort made by the teacher worthwhile.



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