Sponsor a child

Help us to reach a child who needs you. We can do it, you can help. Right now a full scholarship for a child (tuition, uniform, and books) cost about $200 per year. Food and clothing will cost about $150 per year. For only $30 a month, you can invest in the life of a child, making a difference in the future of a child to make a better world. Your donation is 100 % tax deductible, and your name will be published as one of our supporters.  May God bless you and prosper the work of your hands as you bless disadvantaged children and help to make a difference in their lives. 

We will also address their health needs through:

Provision of safe drinking water

Ensure good nutrition through daily meals served at school.


Individuals and organizations who wish to make contributions may either donate on line or send their donations to the following address:

CITA Foundation
P. O. Box 184
Springfield, VA 22150

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